Instructor Team


Our Youth Sailing Instructors and Junior Instructors have powerboating, youth sailing, and college sailing experience as well as a love for the sport of sailing. Safety is our first (and second, and third) priority, but right behind that, we want the campers to have fun. Instructors are certified by either US Sailing or the American Sailing Association, and have been trained in proper safety/coach boating techniques as well as first aid and CPR.

Our instructor team guides the campers to learn the basics of sailing and water safety, to explore the marine environment, and to build their confidence in handling small boats. Most of our instructors have been HMBYC youth sailors themselves, to ensure continuity in our program and familiarity with Pillar Point Harbor, where all camp sailing activities take place.

All of our instructors are committed to sharing their experiences at HMBYC on and off the water in a safe, fun and sportsmanlike manner!