Youth Sailing


Youth sailing at HMBYC is all about Having Safe Fun. No stress; no pushups, planks, or wall-sits; no yelling. In fact, our youth sailing program is more fun than most adults can imagine…check out this video, courtesy of our own high school sailor Sam Reynolds:


In addition to our popular spring-break and summer camps, we offer youth regattas for sailors all over the Bay Area. Pillar Point harbor is a near-perfect regatta venue: good wind coupled with calm, protected waters…what’s not to like?


Harvest Youth Regatta, 04 Novmber 2017

New this year: the HMBYC Foundation is sponsoring our first annual Harvest regatta specifically for the Bay Area youth sailing community. Designed to coincide with the Last Gasp club regatta, but with its own starts and classes. Join us!

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Registration can be found here.