Take The Tiller 2017

Take The Tiller 2017 was a huge success!

“Take the Tiller at HMBYC is not to be missed! Instructors were excellent and the whole day was informative and fun!”  Nancy Gray

“TTT is a fabulous day to rediscover your passion for sailing while testing your skill and it empowering for women with a variety of experience. The commitment from the facilitators is palpable and enhances the objective to share the joy in “taking the tiller”!!.”  Cat Reining

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Margie Woods, Keynote Speaker, “Journey back to myself: reflections of a single handed sailor’s race from SF to Kauai”   Click here to watch Margie’s presentation

Take The Tiller 2017 is a sailing workshop for women with moderate sailing skills, designed to build confidence and command at the helm.  Become one with the wind and water in our fleet of Cal 20s which have no motors so you will be under sail at all times. You will complete a series of sailing challenges, choosing the level of difficulty that suits your sailing skills. Challenges include “Zen sailing” (sailing with your eyes closed or with a blindfold), crew overboard maneuvers (possibly single handed), reefing underway, & docking under wind power (into the wind or downwind).  Each skipper will take turns commanding a crew of two with a trained HMBYC facilitator on board and may have a chance to single-hand a Cal 20. The final challenge will be a race to the finish. Only 18 spaces available. All aboard!

Attendees must have completed formal sailing instruction or have equivalent lived experience. Some experience at the tiller is required, as basic sailing instruction is not part of the event.

The keynote speaker, Margie Woods, was the only female participant in the Singlehanded Sailing Society’s Singlehanded TransPac 2016, a 2100-mile solo sailboat race from San Francisco to Hanalei, Hawaii. You’ll hear the exciting story of the race – the challenges she had to overcome and the confidence that she gained from the endeavor – as well as the tragic end to her beloved boat, Haunani, a Catalina 34, on its return to California.

Take The Tiller 2017, June 3, 2017, 9am – 6pm at Pillar Point Harbor. Brought to you by Women Sailing of Half Moon Bay Yacht Club. Early bird registration $110 (March 06 – April 15). After that registration is $130. Cocktail Reception and Keynote address only, $25.

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