Cruising, racing, seamanship, safety, cooking onboard, guest-chef’ing…there is always something new to learn at the club. Women’s Sailing, in particular, takes pride in presenting a winter seminar series so that there is always something to do on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Joe Rockmore… Tides, Currents, and Waves 2020

Kelly Pike… Cal 20 Race Tactics 2020

Kelly Pike… Cal 20 Starting Strategies 2020


Joe Rockmore… Rules of Racing 2019

Jeff Ebert… Sail Trim 2019

Beccie Mendenhall… Rules of Racing 2018

Take The Tiller Keynote—Margie Woods

In June 2017, HMBYC Women Sailing hosted their second-ever Take The Tiller workshop, for women who were ready to take the next step up from sailing with skippers to sailing as skippers, and leading their own crews. As part of the all-day workshop, Women Sailing hosted an evening presentation by sailor Margie Woods, about her experience sailing the 2016 Solo TransPac race to Hawai’i. As the event name suggests, Margie sailed the over-2,000-nm journey singlehanded.

Read Kara Hugglestone’s article about Take The Tiller at Latitude38.

Baja Ha-Ha

In January 2017, Lauren Eisele, Lori Rhodes, Lucy Gillies, and Sylvia Teng kicked off the 2017 winter seminar series with a fascinating recap of their experiences in the 2016 Baja Ha-Ha cruisers’ rally. Check out their presentation:


for a great report on the ups and downs of cruising offshore from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas. They touch on everything: living in close quarters with strangers; dealing with extremely high winds, rain, and big seas; dance parties; wildlife; beach parties; immigration woes; night watches; provisioning; and making repairs. It was definitely a step beyond sailing in our harbor or on our bay.

Cooking Onboard

In March 2016, Tami Schubert presented an informative and interactive discussion of cooking onboard and underway, complete with samples. (Yes, that means attendees got fed!)

Safety At Sea

In February 2016, Dan Morgan presented an excellent in-depth seminar on safety at sea. Titled “Boating Safety 201”, Dan covered a wide variety of safety-related topics many recreational sailors never stop to consider. For example: do you know what a float line is, and why you might want to trail one? How about the purpose of inboard jacklines? Check out Dan’s presentation…and prepare to learn a lot.

Even if you never sail anything except Club boats inside Pillar Point Harbor, there are important lessons in Dan’s seminar. For example, do you know what the trio of signal flags in this slide mean?


Rules Of Racing

In January 2016, Marcus Choy presented an overview of the racing rules of sailing. Considering that the most commonly used book on the subject, by Dave Perry, numbers 423 pages and there is a huge body of ISAF protest cases and appeals, it’s no wonder that Marcus has to limit himself to an “overview”! Marcus covered the rules most important to racers who compete in our own club regattas as well as the wide variety of events in San Francisco Bay. Check out Marcus’ presentation and one-page cheat sheet: