Classes and Courses

There are four classes included in most of the Club’s races:

  • Optimist – Sprit-rigged pram. Crew: 1
  • Laser – Cat-rigged dinghy. Crew: 1
  • Coronado 15 – Sloop-rigged dinghy with jib. Crew: 2
  • Cal 20 – Sloop-rigged keelboat w/ jib & spinnaker. Crew: 2-3

All races are conducted within the confines of Pillar Point Harbor. Races are governed by the standard ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing and the US Sailing Prescriptions. (C15 events also adhere to the Coronado 15 Association Class rules.)

Most races are windward-leeward with a windward start and finish. Different courses may be selected by the Race Committee before each race, as allowed by the rules. The 720-degree turns penalty (rules 44.1 and 44.2) will apply. Rule 40 is amended to require that all competitors shall wear personal flotation; the Y flag will not be used.

Standing Sailing Instructions
Standing Courses