Membership Types

Effective 01 February 2018:

Two types of membership are available to those wishing to join the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club.

Regular Membership:

Initiation: $500
Annual Dues: $720 (billed $180/quarter)

The regular membership may be held by adults age 18 or over, and includes the member’s spouse/partner, if any, as well as their minor children residing at the same address. Members receive full use of club facilities both on and off the water. When voting on club matters, the member is entitled to one vote per family membership.

Youth Membership:

Initiation: $100
Annual Dues: none

A Youth Membership may be held by youth (aged 8-18) whose parents/family are not members. Youth Members have no voting rights, but once checked out, may use club vessels and other club facilities. Youth memberships expire at the end of each calendar year but may be renewed upon application to the Membership Director.

Youth membership initiation fees may also be applied to the initiation fee for a Regular membership, if the youth member’s family wishes to join the club.