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New Year’s Day Mussel & Chili Feed

Monday, December 30th, 2013


The Tradition Lives On!

On New Year’s Day, HMBYC observes one of its oldest traditions, the Annual Mussel and Chili Feed.  You can’t discuss this event without also mentioning the name of Dr. Charlie Quest, who started the yearly party in 1975.  “After a few consecutive years, attendance swelled to over 100 and saw a group of party goers climb down the cliff at the end of 12th St. in Montara to harvest mussels at low tide and gather around the bathtub to clean them while enjoying home-made chili and a vast assortment of potluck salads, bread and desserts,” says Charlie.


On January 1, 2001, Charlie moved the party to the Club.  There, it soon became a fund raiser and has been a source of revenue for the purchase of Cal 20s, new sails, and materials to build our fleet of Optimists.


Is it a mussel or a clam?

The two mollusks look alike, but you can tell the difference from the outer appearance of each.


The mussel has a dark shell of blue, black or brown.  The clam has a lighter brown, almost “blonde,” look.  The mussel has a “beard” by which it attaches itself to rocks or dock pilings.

Clams have no such feature because they usually live in the mud at the bottom of tide pools and brackish rivers.  Also, clams have a rounder shape than mussels, which are more oval.


Join the Fun and Support Club Sailing

This year, plan to be part of the merry group that gathers at HMBYC for Charlie’s Annual Mussel and Chili Feed.  The party starts at 1:00 PM and continues until 7:00.

The cost is $10 per adult and $5 for kids 12 and under.  Your donation goes directly to support the Club’s sailing programs.  Bring a side dish to share, if you wish.  Reservations are not required.