Programs & Activities

There are many ways in which to enjoy our Club!

Adult and Youth Sailing Instruction – Whether you are a newcomer to sailing or an experienced sailor, you can benefit from the Club’s educational programs that include seminars in the Clubhouse, Club race days and hands-on training sessions on the water using the Club’s fleet of sailboats.

Recreational Sailing in the Harbor – With programs such as our Women’s Sailing group and Sunday Skippers, you can get checked out by our senior sailors and be certified to use the Club’s Cal20s, C15s, Lasers or other boats for a leisurely sail inside Pillar Point Harbor.

Social Events – We guarantee that you will meet interesting people and make wonderful new friends at the Club’s many guest chef dinners and barbecues, movie nights, arts symposia, and other social events. The Club facilties are also available to members for hire and is open Friday through Sunday of each week for relaxing and mingling.

Children and Pets – We actively welcome and encourage both! Our beach provides an excellent and safe playground for families to build sandcastles, chase balls, ride our ferry to the dock or just relax with a good book. We just ask that adequate supervision and water safety precautions are observed.